We are a couple of Prince's "music loving supporters" who have a deep respect for him as an artist and as a man. We commend him on his many accomplishments in the music world and in the music business. Some of his most important accomplishments came from the stands he had taken 4 artist rights and the new paths he has paved as a way to show other up and coming artists that they don't have 2 do things the conventional way.


We're going to try 2 be just as innovative & influential as the man, himself. In honor of PRINCE and the drive and spirit he had, we will continue 2 support Real Music by Real Musicians like we always have. One of the best ways we can do that is by continuing Peer-2-Peer Distribution 2 get that music 2 our peers!




So how did this "Peer-2-Peer distribution thang start?? Well...


It began with Prince inquiring via Twitter how he should distribute HITnRUN Phase Two. Fans began throwing ideas around & in the midst of that, he and Dorothy exchanged a few ideas. In January 2016, Dorothy went out to Minneapolis for the debut Piano & A Microphone shows at Paisley Park Studios. The night/early morning before the shows, Prince tweeted a photo of his Phase Two CD stuck in the snow outside of Paisley Park. Dorothy responded, "U still need help sellin' them joints?!" After a series of phone calls & the chaotic excitement of trying 2 plan a simple meeting in Prince's world, the purple ball began rolling. 

February 8th, 2016 is when The Wrecka Stow launched. We began selling Prince's HITnRUN Phase Two CD, which was soon followed by Judith Hill's debut CD, "Back In Time."

Dorothy had just purchased & began taking pre-orders for the Piano & A Microphone Tour Programs on April 19th. Nancy (one of our original sellers) was due to pick the books up & send them to her on April 21st. We all know the tragedy that took place that day instead.

Dorothy Anthony

~ True Funk Team ~

Julia Gomez