Tourbook Update

As a lot of U know, I had just begun taking pre-orders 4 the Piano & A Microphone Tour Programs. As things are still being sorted out with Prince's estate, I have still not been able to receive those books. I do, have a claim in with the estate & I am hoping 4 the best. That is, I am hoping when they get 2 my case, they tell me I can have the books rather than a money settlement to reimburse me 4 them.

Many of U have been very patient, understanding, & put trust in me 2 hold on2 the pre-payments U sent 4 the tourbooks in hopes that I can get them and fulfill the orders. I can issue refunds if U so decide not 2 wait it out any longer. The money received 4 these books has and will remain untouched during this waiting period.

Thank U,


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